Thrive Content Builder Review

WordPress has become a major content management system today with the number of its users increasing day by day. All kinds of blog and website owners have begun using this tool to effectively manage their websites but let’s face it; those of us who have been through the pain of customizing a single WordPress page, know what an annoying process it can be. As for the site owners with minimal or no coding skills, any kind of a layout change is a nightmare. Keeping these and similar problems in mind, the world clearly needed some kind of mediator that would make customization easier for everyone.

What is Thrive Content Builder?

Thrive Content Builder is the knight in shining armor that the world of WordPress hosted websites had been waiting for. It is a very helpful plugin developed by the brilliant minds from Thrive Themes. Thrive Content Builder improves the functionality of the WordPress’s generic content building software by enabling the user to create any kind of layout from scratch without having to struggle with hundreds of lines of code.

With Thrive Content Builder, any user, irrespective of his technical background, can create awe inspiring layout for the landing pages or any other kind of page. The best part; all these newly built pages can work with any WordPress theme! The user can quickly edit the written content, the buttons, the images, the background and everything else on the page and get his website’s look refreshed within a matter of minutes.

Product features

If you thought that this was the end of the functionalities provided by Thrive Content Builder, you were wrong. The following lists further states some of the prominent features included within the Thrive Content Builder:

  • Real time content builder that lets you preview how your pages will look once published
  • Choose from more than 89 built in templates or build your own amazing ones
  • Enables you to create highly functional landing pages in minimal time
  • Image resizing in real time to save your time
  • Enables you to create astounding layouts for your posts and pages
  • Support for unlimited number of imported fonts
  • Support for unlimited number of imported icons
  • Makes social media sharing easier and more accessible
  • Enables responsive video embedding

Pros of using Thrive Content Builder

Thrive Content Builder is a must have for every website owner who uses WordPress to manage his site and its contents. Major advantages of using Thrive Content Builder include:

  • Website customization made easier than ever
  • Removes the need for recruiting third party companies to make layout changes to your website
  • Removes the need for knowing any kind of coding language
  • Enables you to create highly engaging website pages to generate more revenue for you
  • Enables you to add interactive elements like countdown timers to make the website look alive
  • Provides high level of customization starting from the layout of the page, down to the content layout
  • Affordable payment packages for individuals and companies


Great software like the Thrive Content Builder is hard to come by at such affordable rates. All of you might have witnessed this modern age crushing those who were behind their time, mercilessly. Remember, a smart choice made today, will benefit you and your website for years to come. You don’t want to be among the ones regretting that they passed on this great opportunity several years from now, do you? If you do not want to be one of those unlucky men, its time you adapt to the changing times. Hurry up and get this powerful customization tool for your website right now before the prices get high.

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